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All you can eat buffet

All you can eat buffet

All you can eat buffet

All you can eat buffet

About Us

China Buffet was founded in 1998 at Lowell of Massachusetts. We provide “All you can eat” buffet with a great varieties to meet everyone’s needs. Our buffet includes Chinese cuisine, Japanese Sushi, American and Italian Foods, BBQ & Grill, Fruits, Salads, deserts and more! There are more than 100 dishes in the Chinese menu with Szechuan, Hunan, Cantonese and other styles!

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Pricing (Under 2 Free)

LUNCH           Child 2-5         Child 6-11         Adult
Mon. - Fri.            $4.99                  $7.99          $13.49

DINNER                Child 2-5         Child 6-11         Adult
Mon. - Thurs.          $6.99                  $11.49          $17.99
Friday                        $6.99                  $11.49          $18.99
Sat & Sun All day   $6.99                  $11.49          $18.99

Before Placing Your Order, Please inform Your Server if Anyone in your party has a food allergy.

Carry Out Buffet

LUNCH     Mon. - Fri.   ------------------   $6.99/LB.
DINNER   Mon. - Sun.   -----------------   $7.99/LB.

* At Lesast 3 Items per take out for the above price.
Only Sushi or Seafood.   $12.99
For Party Tray Order, Please ask for Assistant.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Holidays prices are not included

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I actually really like this place. There were a good selection of food. They look a lot fresher and favorful than most of the Chinese buffet that I had been to. You can order food by weight, do not have to pay for buffet price (cant get sushi that way though). Service is decent, average asian restaurant standard.

-Thu N.

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